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The sales department of MISTER ADVERT has been created in order to produce a new type of ADVERTISING CONSUMABLE - INNOVATIVE for Advertisers in Bulgaria and these are the ILLUMINATED VOLUMETRIC LETTERS ON STORE with certain dimensions and fonts.


Since the beginning of 2010 we have been also offering 3rd font letters (again with letter height of 500 mm) that we have prepared and produced in quantities on store as much as to satisfy your needs. Again the letters are only capitals in Cyrillic and Latin. They have been prepared under standard European technologies.


The entire production process has been certified under the Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2000 that guarantees the quality control.


The base (or the back) of the letters is 8 mm, standard, non-flammable Austrian PVC material. The front is made of 3mm German plexiglass-muslin. The page is a Spanish Alurapid stripe (for h=500 mm it is 100 mm wide and for h=700 mm it is 120 mm wide) with silver metallic colour RAL9006. The diode elements are SMD 4 / 4x7 lm / viewing angle 120 о/ 0,48 W / 40 mA. This information is also available on the labels of the boxes in which the letters have been packed.


Everyone or nearly everyone of you may produce such volumetric letters under his individual design. Our goal is to facilitate your work where possible (for a certain customer or a design). We offer you a product on STORE that you can use QUICKLY AND EASY as a CONSUMABLE by using PVC planes and films.


Technically the information that you need when using the products you can find on the website. From there you can download the necessary vector files. With them you can easily create you visual design – photo collage of the desired from you advertising –information illuminated inscription. The website will be amended and updated. There will be the respective store availabilities as well as the price lists.


Our MOBILE CONSULTANT (for now only for Northeast of Bulgaria) is at your disposal. Apart from promoting the production and delivering the orders made, the same will answer all you questions that have arisen.


We hope that from now on when the limitation in dimensions and fonts lessens we will be more helpful to your work!



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